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Welcoming Henry Figueroa to Spark
James Jiang
March 15, 2021
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We’re excited today to formally announce Henry Figueroa as Spark’s Vice President of Sales.

Henry is one of the most tenured, accomplished agent leaders in Medicare, having worked as an agent manager at United Healthcare, Vice President at the Copeland Group, and National Broker Strategist at Cigna. Throughout his career, he’s supported over 3,000 agents in helping over 600,000 clients enroll in and navigate Medicare.

With Henry, we’re getting an expert agent leader and strategist, but also a trusted thought partner and culture bearer. We can’t wait to see him drive forward Spark’s national growth.

Our first meeting.

Before joining us full-time, Henry consulted with us for nearly six months, sharing insights and wisdom gained over his long tenure. Our meetings inexplicably always ran over, and yet his well of knowledge never ran dry, showing both how complex Medicare is and the depth of Henry’s expertise.

We also came to love the humor and energy he brought into every session and the clear alignment between Spark’s mission and Henry’s personal values. In our first meeting, what started as a product feedback session somehow ended on a substantive discussion on protecting the dignity of the human, particularly when navigating end of life care. With every interaction, Henry has proven to be not only an industry expert, but also someone who cares deeply about the human side of our industry.

A rare breed of sales leader.

Henry is part of a small group of leaders with meaningful perspective working across our entire industry — having had success as an individual agent, having recruited, trained, and supported thousands of brokers at a leading FMO, and having managed agents and led distribution strategy at a carrier.

What’s even rarer is the mix of salesmanship, empathy, and wit he brings to the table as well. We know that for all the success he’s achieved in the industry, Henry gets the greatest joy at the ground level, helping individual agents succeed. We can’t wait to see the team of agents he builds and serves at Spark.

Driving forward Spark’s vision together

At Spark, Henry will be working with individual agents, agency principals, and our agent support team across the country evangelizing and driving execution against our vision for the industry — one that celebrates field agents as individual business owners whose empathy and local expertise can’t be replicated, and members as actual humans with deep needs that require professional service with a human touch.

Together, we’re building Spark to be a home for any great agent — whether just starting out or highly tenured — to be respected and supported as our trusted partners. Welcome aboard, Henry!

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