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Agency Spotlight
Agent Spotlight: Beowulf Blade
Miguel Acero
March 9, 2022
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Named after the epic hero, Beowulf hasn’t slayed any monsters, but has helped people navigate the challenges of the healthcare system. If you know the U.S. healthcare system’s intricacies, it’s not that different.

He kicked off his career as a head cook at the finest restaurants across the country. While not leaving food behind for good, he got on a more standard schedule as a property and casualty agent in Tucson, AZ.

Tired of the heat and disillusioned with his overly transactional work, he sought a change of scenery and pace. He moved to Colorado and discovered he could have a career helping older adults with their Medicare.

He started at a cell center and became the top selling agent, but felt limited because he could only offer one insurance company. As he spoke to consumers, he found that his company was not a good fit for their needs and he didn’t feel right selling them the wrong plans.

Around that time, a close friend left the call center to work with an independent agency named Medicare Mentors. He called Beowulf, “You have to make the switch. I cover all of the carriers, I get to talk to people face to face… I build relationships with them, I mean, I know these people. I don’t just sell them insurance and never hear from them again. These are people that I talk to regularly and I think you would like that.”

After that conversation, it didn’t take long for him to become an independent agent with the support of the Medicare Mentors team.

Within his first few sales he found that he was having much more fun, and doing right by his clients.

The fun has continued now that Beowulf works closely with Spark. He mentioned that Spark ensures that nothing slips through the cracks since the platform keeps track of everything in one place. He can see all of the activity that our Navigator team does on his behalf so he can focus on connecting with his client and preparing for appointments in advance. He’s become a more active listener.

Some of Beowulf’s favorite dishes when he’s not helping clients with Medicare!

When he’s not meeting with clients, Beowulf enjoys spending time back in the kitchen cooking up his favorite dishes. If given the right ingredients, Beowulf has the ability to make anything… from pear cobblers to traditional New Orleans dishes.

In the same way that he creates these dishes, he can share various Medicare health plan options. If he’s your agent and in your kitchen, it wouldn’t hurt to see what he can whip up before he leaves your home! Especially his specialty - Manicotti de Beef Bulonice.

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