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Agency Spotlight
Agent Spotlight: Gregory Gurtner
Miguel Acero
February 3, 2022
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Life has a funny way of taking us where we need to be, not where we think we need to be.

Early in his life, Greg was pre-medical in college with hopes of one day becoming a doctor. He wanted to follow in the footsteps of several family members in the medical field, most notably his father who ran hospitals for the UC system.

But he decided to pursue his passion for art and became an Art Director.

Still, Greg felt there was something missing in his life. Amid his search, he spent 15 years at AAA until the economic downturn in 2008. Around the same time, he saw the need in Medicare for people who could empathize with consumers. He explained, “People are so scared of being cheated that they would rather trust big business instead of their local agent.”

Believing there was a better way to serve Medicare beneficiaries, he decided to start his own business to serve them. From his one-person operation, he grew to 15 agents. The focus: creating a culture of service based on his motto-

“If we do the right thing, the right things will happen.”

When he first started selling Medicare health plans, he couldn’t get over the fact that most people were unaware that there was help available because healthcare is a “big crazy system and people are afraid to use it.”

Luckily, with his support, he can focus on helping people, not selling stuff. He wants new agents to understand that. Greg emphasized the need to be in the community supporting beneficiaries. “When you treat your clients like friends and family,” he said, “it’s easy to face them in your neighborhood or the local grocery store, which happens quite often.”

As a Medicare Agent, Greg gets energized by the people he meets regularly, especially the time that he met the spouse of one of his former high school teachers. It was a conversation that he would not forget.

The flexibility as an agent allowed Greg to be present for his daughter’s soccer games and his son’s boy scout events. His tight knit family enjoys traveling around the world, watching new shows at the San Francisco Theatre or walking around the “Dickens Fair.”

When he needs quiet time, Greg leans back into his passion for art, primarily by designing and making handmade wood furniture. If you don’t see him building something, you might see him reading the latest Raymond Feist book or the Lord of the Rings Trilogy that his father read to him when he was a young boy.

He may not have become the doctor that he wanted to be, but he is right where he needs to be diagnosing people’s needs as a Medicare agent!

You can reach Greg here to learn more about his business and how to work with him.

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