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Building for independent agents
James Jiang
April 14, 2021
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Spark’s mission is to give every retiree peace of mind knowing that they have a trusted advisor looking out for them at each retirement milestone. Personal advisors for health and financial matters have always been available to those with means, but it’s often those who need help the most — who most depend on their Medicare, who most need the help from financial assistance programs, or who would benefit most from their supplemental benefits — who don’t get the help they need.

Our vision is to democratize access to trusted advisors for navigating retirement. To do so, we’re partnering with great independent agents: the front line advisors who are already doing the tireless work of helping their clients get covered and stay protected.

Independent agents do a better job.

Contrary to what many may believe, the independent agent is not going away. They represent the largest distribution channel in Medicare, and nearly all new enrollments today still happen with the support of a human agent.

Benefits decisions are highly complex and require a lot of context. This context is much better gained through meaningful human interaction, not a digital-only approach or an anonymous over-the-phone experience. By spending real time getting to know their clients, independent agents make better benefits recommendations, and they build the trust to influence their clients’ decisions over time.

We’re lucky that some of the country’s most experienced and service-minded agents have chosen to partner with Spark, and through these partnerships we’ve seen firsthand the special role an agent can play in helping clients not only find a good Medicare plan, but navigate all the twists and turns that come with retirement.

A new model forward.

For too long, technology investments in our industry have skipped over the independent agents. Large brokerages have built sophisticated lead generation, quoting, and enrollment tools designed to generate a high volume of enrollments, but they fall short on the human touch.

Spark is a technology company working for independent agents, not trying to replace them. We build for independent agents because we know they are more able to build trust and influence client behavior. We’ve designed our agent platform as the operating system for a modern agency, with marketing, quote & enroll, CRM, and game-changing client engagement through the Spark Membership all in one place for our agents to reach and serve today’s consumer. And with coaching and accountability from a world-class agent services team, our agent partners are independent but always supported on their own entrepreneurial journeys.

Just getting started.

We’re a young company with a big ambition to create a more human, more client-first agency. Since we started, we’ve already won the support of some of the largest carriers and most successful agents in the country, and, most importantly, alongside our agent partners we have become a trusted advisor for thousands of retirees — helping them not only enroll into Medicare, but also access drug cost savings, find medical specialists, manage home health options, and more.

If you’re an agent looking to build a great business while making a real impact for your clients and community, please get in touch. We couldn’t do it without you.

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