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Frequently Asked Questions

If you're a prospective agency with more questions, book a demo with our team here.

If you're an existing partner, please refer to Spark's Help Center for all your support needs.

About Spark
How does Spark work with agencies?

Our ideal partner is an ambitious, innovative, and service-first agency committed to always doing the right thing for their agents and clients.

For downline agents, we provide a comprehensive technology platform that powers each layer of their business, from quote and enrollment to customer service.

For principals, we work closely together to accelerate recruitment, and we partner with their staff to streamline back-office operations, handling contracting, commissions, reporting, and more, so they can focus on the agent experience.

What makes Spark different from other FMOs?

We’re a service-first organization providing technology made just for Medicare brokers, unbelievable service, and a commitment to partnership.

We don’t buy agencies, and we don’t take over their brands. Everything we do is in service of creating a vibrant ecosystem where thousands of top agencies can stay independent.

We’re proud of our results so far: with over 3,400 broker partners, a 91 broker NPS, and after partnering with us.

What is Spark’s mission?

Our mission is to help the industry’s best independent Medicare agents build the insurance business of their dreams. Millions of beneficiaries depend on their trusted agents to select and manage benefits. We give agents the tools and support to do more than they ever thought possible.

About Our Leads
How does Spark compare to tools provided by other FMOs?

The Spark platform covers all workflows – from client acquisition to retention, quoting and enrollment, contracting, customer support, and more – in a single platform.
For agents and principals, this eliminates the need to jump between multiple tools that often don’t communicate with each other. Using Spark means you’ll no longer have to:

  • Log in to multiple portals
  • Enter client data multiple times
  • Worry about whether client data is up-to-date in some platforms, but not others
How does Spark compare to third party CRMs like GoHighLevel and AgencyBloc?

Third party CRMs have a lot of custom functionality that cover different agencies’ business needs, such as dynamically sharing leads from various campaigns or cutting sophisticated commission schedules in LOA models. We recognize the value of these third party systems and allow agencies to integrate workflows into the Spark platform via a Zapier integration.

Our philosophy is to build and own all workflows that are unique to Medicare agents and agency principals, while allowing our partners to access best-in-class third-party systems for their unique use cases.

How does Spark compare to quoting and enrollment engines like Sunfire and Connecture?

Sunfire and Connecture are best-in-class quoting and enrollment solutions, but we recognize quoting and enrollment is only one of the many workflows agents and agency owners need to manage daily.

The Spark platform covers all workflows – including quoting and enrollment – in a single platform, which eliminates the need to jump between multiple tools that often don’t communicate with each other.

Our Sunfire integration eliminates the need to enter client data multiple times, making quote and enrollment a far more efficient process

Is the Spark platform HIPAA compliant?

Yes, all patient data on the Spark platform is protected according to HIPAA guidelines. We adhere to well-known industry best practices throughout the development and maintenance of our products including resiliency, system monitoring, application security, access management, and organizational compliance.

What makes the Spark platform different?

Our platform is fully built in-house by Spark’s engineering team, and is made specifically for the needs of a Medicare agent and agency owner. It’s the result of feedback from thousands of brokers who use the platform daily.

Our platform helps agents and agencies:

  • Consolidate all workflows into a single place: no more double or triple entry
  • Manage every carrier: submit applications and contracting requests, receive detailed, policy-level reporting, and get faster production and commission data directly from carriers 
  • Get on-demand help: Spark’s world-class client service, contracting, and marketing teams support agents’ most critical business needs

What is the Spark platform?

The Spark platform is a comprehensive set of technology and services purpose-built for top Medicare agents and agencies to take their business to the next level.

For agents, we are their CRM, quoting and enrollment, marketing center, contracting and commissions systems all in one place. This means no double entry, and leads to a more efficient work experience—Spark saved agents 400,000 cumulative hours in 2023.

For agencies, we are a single platform to manage agent production, contracting, and commissions, giving principals the data and support to best lead their teams.

Will Spark compete against me in recruiting brokers?

We’ll never compete with you for agents. In fact, our sales team earns the same incentive compensation whether a new agency contracts with you or directly with Spark, even though Spark often earns more revenues when agencies contract directly.

What success have other agencies had recruiting with Spark?

Our agency partners on average grow their agent counts by over 50% after partnering with Spark.

We say internally: our partners are the best recruiters in the industry – we merely give them the tools and infrastructure to be fully unleashed.

How does Spark help me recruit agencies?

Our strongest partners have a strong team of sub-agency partners that are growing and thriving.

We help you set a solid foundation for existing and new agencies - such as setting up hierarchies, executing commission and co-op agreements, managing contracting - so all your partners have the most transparent, business owner friendly experience possible.

In the field, we’ll directly recruit agencies to you. Our sales team makes the same commission for new agencies whether they go direct to Spark or with an existing partner, ensuring our team is always aligned to work with our partners rather than compete.

How does Spark help me recruit agents?

We hear again and again how the market is saturated, and agents are tired of hearing the same pitch. We offer agents a completely new way to run their business through our platform and services.

Best of all, Spark doesn’t recruit agents directly, but we make our platform and services your differentiation, and our sales and marketing teams are behind you as you grow your team.

How does Spark help me service my clients?

On top of our automated retention campaigns, our client services team provides on-demand support for any case work you need for your clients. We’ve helped hundreds of thousands of clients with medical billing issues, provider searches, extra assistance programs, and more, freeing up your time while maintaining a customer satisfaction rate of 96%.

How does Spark help me with retention?

For every client with an active Medicare policy, Spark can provide automated, year-round client retention campaigns, white labeled in your brand, in English or in Spanish. These campaigns reinforce you as your clients’ trusted agent, and they help drive referrals and manage retention in key moments like AEP.

How does Spark help me find new prospects?

For grassroots efforts, we provide CMS-approved, top-performing marketing assets, white labeled in your brand, at a click of a button. Capture prospects with a digital PTC form that creates leads directly in your platform.

For more sophisticated lead generation campaigns, we provide a Zapier integration that allows you to integrate data from lead vendors or marketing systems directly into the Spark platform.

How does Spark help me enroll clients more efficiently?

Our platform makes it easy for you to capture data directly from your clients, quote and enroll, and send automated retention marketing campaigns all in one place. No more double (or even triple!) entry between a CRM, a quoting and enrollment system, and a commission system.

How does Spark help me manage my downline agents?

You’ll be able to track production, contracting status, and platform activity for your entire downline agent team in one place in the Spark platform. Agency principals are first and foremost leaders and coaches of their team. We provide the data to help top principals be the best leaders they can be.

How does Spark help me with commissions?

We pull book of business reporting down to the individual policy and agent level in one place to let you track which policies are active and troubleshoot which policies you’re not paid on. We’ve built direct data integrations with each carrier so you can skip the carrier portal.

How does Spark help me with contracting?

We pull all your contracting statuses for all agents and all carriers in one place, so you can stay on top of your team without needing to spend hours checking each carrier portal manually.

With this data, Spark works with your contracting team – or becomes your contracting team if you don’t have one – ensuring each agent gets individualized support in contracting and onboarding each year.

For any additional questions, agents can reach out to 
support@sparkadvisors.com or call (212) 847-0697. 

Clients can email help@sparkadvisors.com or call (855) 949-2097.