Frequently Asked Questions

For any additional questions, agents can reach out to or call (212) 847-0696. Clients can email or call (855) 949-2097.

About Spark

How is Spark different from other FMOs?

We believe that Independent Agents have been underserved by existing FMOs; there's so much more we can be doing to make them successful! Spark has re-built the agent experience from the ground up, focused on building technology that simplifies workflows for agents and their clients. Unlike other FMOs, Spark's technology is proprietary and paired with a highly trained navigator team that brings unparalleled client services for agents focused on Medicare.

What is Spark Advisors?

Spark Advisors is a national Medicare FMO (field marketing organization) that supports agents and agencies with licensing, contracting, marketing, commission management, and client service. We have contracts with all of the major national Medicare Advantage companies and large regional ones. Our mission to help older adults take control of their health and support independent agents and agencies with growing their business.

Why work with an Independent Agent?

Benefits decisions are highly complex and require a lot of context. This context is much better gained through meaningful human interaction, not a digital-only approach or an anonymous over-the-phone experience. By spending real time getting to know their clients, independent agents make better benefits recommendations, and they build the trust to influence their clients’ decisions over time.

For Agents

I want to work with Spark. What do I need to do?

That's great to hear! Please give us a call at (212) 847-0697 and ask to speak with one of our Strategic Growth Managers. We'll walk you through the contracting process. In order to access our software and client services, we require that you have at least three of your major contracts aligned under our hierarchy.

What's different about your Platform?

Our platform is entirely proprietary; you won't find it anywhere else! It combines a Medicare-specific CRM, quote & enrollment tools (e.g. Sunfire, Connecture), client engagement automations, lead generation forms, and reporting dashboards all-in-one. You can run your business out of one log-in instead of the twenty you're used today. Sign up for a demo to learn more.

What is Member Services?

Member Services describes the services we perform on your behalf for your clients. We support both inbound and outbound requests. You can assign our Navigator Team tasks whenever a client issue arises, and throughout the year we can automatically send birthday cards, newsletters, and AEP retention campaigns to your clients. Speak with our team to learn more.

For Clients

What types of plans do your agents sell?

Our agents are well-versed in Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement, and ancillary health plans covered dental, vision, hearing and long-term care.

How does Spark earn revenue?

Spark earns a fee paid by health insurance companies whenever one of our agents enrolls you into a plan. Per CMS guidelines, our agents earn the same commission regardless of the plan they enroll you in so are incentivized to find a plan that you're happy with. Our agents support hundreds of clients each and grow their business through your referrals.

I forgot my agent's number, or want to work with a Spark agent. Can you help me?

We'd love to! Give us a call at (855) 949-2097 or email and we'll get you what you need.

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