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Make the most of your Medicare

We partner with local agents to help you monitor your coverage, maximize your benefits, and resolve insurance issues. See if your agent offers a Spark Membership.
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A better way to navigate your Medicare benefits, for free.

We offer concierge-level support to help you take full advantage of your Medicare benefits and achieve your health goals.

We're comprehensive

As an independent agency, we search every plan option available to you.

We're experts

We’ve got decades of experience in the Medicare industry serving thousands of clients like you.

We're local

We’re available by phone and in-person and have the local context to understand your specific needs.

We put service first

We’re a relationship-first agency. Our local teams get to know you by name as they serve you over the long haul.

How your Spark Membership works

Our team works with your local insurance agent to ensure you’re taking full advantage of the benefits you’re entitled to.

1. Monitor your coverage

Have peace of mind knowing Spark is proactively making sure you’re always on the right healthcare plan.

The average beneficiary has over 30 Medicare options to choose from. We proactively review your options as your needs and the market changes.

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2. Save time and money

Stop waiting hours to speak with your insurance company. We’ll do it for you.

We help you understand your medical bills, manage payment disputes, and even enroll you in cost-saving programs you may be eligible for.

3. Maximize your benefits

Take full advantage of your plan benefits. We’ll explain and even help set up all your supplemental benefits — whether it’s calling a ride, receiving a pharmacy credit, or more.

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Thousands of clients trust us. Ask your agent about Spark.

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Christina Holland

“I got a bill in the mail I didn’t understand. I called Spark, they explained it was a mistake, and got the issue resolved with my insurance company.”

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Jacob Edwards

I knew my planned offered a lot of benefits but I didn’t want to spend the time reading the fine print. I called up Spark and they explained everything... and then booked me my first appointment.

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Major carriers in one place

We offer you the best products on the market, making sure you get the plan that’s right for you.

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