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Grow your book of business with winning marketing campaigns

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Save hours every day with software that streamlines your workflows

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Delight your clients with a personal service team


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Your tech advantage

Everything you need to run your business in one, HIPAA-compliant platform

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Drive prospects through custom landing pages

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Manage prospects in a Medicare-specific CRM

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Reduce double-entry with integrated quote & enroll

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Track contracts & commissions


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“I can't find a dentist in-network? Can you help me with that?”
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Your personal service team

Add a team of healthcare navigators behind you

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Save your headache and assign us service tasks

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Improve retention by helping clients use their plan

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Make every interaction a referral opportunity 


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Your marketing agency

Level-up your prospecting and automate client engagement

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Design white-labeled digital and print media

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Craft and execute growth campaigns

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Automatically send cards and newsletters to clients


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Agents across the country love working with Spark

Thank you so much! This whole team is seriously amazing in my eyes. 1000% better and different than my old, do nothing for me upline."


Phoenix, AZ

I think this is amazing. It's like everything you wish would be in a program. You have perfected the platform to help us succeed. Thank you so much.


Los Angeles, CA

I am not able to express my gratitude for the Spark Advisors team. I saw one of my members of the weekend and he said, "I just want to let you know how awesome Spark is. We talked to their navigators on three different occasions and they were so helpful."

Judy P

Mauldin, SC

“That call was really valuable, and what I liked about it most was that you felt a team atmosphere, but you also gave agents encouragement and hope. Sometimes we go to these carrier meetings and we feel like we’re alone with no support. Now that you guys put it out there that you have their back you just boosted their confidence. I think you guys did a good job and came off strong."


Houston, TX

I received a call from him yesterday. He is feeling much better. He and his medical POA were blown away by the support Spark provided. They were impressed with the persistence the navigator showed and the great communication. Thank you all for the great support you provide to us and our clients. It is making a real difference in people's lives!


Colorado Springs, CO

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We support national and regional carriers for Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement, long-term care, and ancillary health products.

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The Spark platform is the industry-leading system for top Medicare agents to grow their business, save time, and deepen client relationships, and we recently launched a major update.

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We believe in a more open, transparent industry where FMOs and agents work together to provide the best possible experience for their clients, not one where FMOs use back-room deals and scare tactics to retain and horse-trade agents.

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The Spark platform is the industry-leading system for top Medicare agents to grow their business, save time, and deepen client relationships, and we recently launched a major update.

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