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Partnering with Spark enables us to focus on our core business.

Service is our north star. Our job is to ensure that all of our agents can deliver a five-star experience, and that strategy, technology, and support are in place.

“We were on a mission to scale our operations, and once we saw the capabilities of what Spark was doing, it was a no-brainer.”
Justin Jacobs
Health Plan Markets
Working with Spark since
The biggest value prop for us has been the member services.

They save my agents tons of time, whether it’s coordinating doctor appointments or navigating member issues. Making sure our clients are always taken care of is how we ensure they stay with us for the long term.

As we set our sights on new territories, it’s good to know that Spark is going to be there.

The technology, the data, and the strategic partnership from their side help us scale faster, more efficiently, and cost-effectively.

Growth in contracted agents since partnering with Spark
It’s time to transform the way you do business