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Uplevel Your Medicare Marketing in 1 Click

July 5, 2023

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Uplevel Your Medicare Marketing in 1 Click

Spark’s Marketing Center is officially here! If you’ve ever spent hours putting together marketing content to grow your brand, this tool is about to change your life and your business. 

In just one click, Spark agents can now access 50+ CMS approved marketing templates, all easily customizable to reflect their individual brand. From logos, colors, images, and text, every single asset can be adjusted as much (or as little) as you like.

The goal of Marketing Center is to save you time while helping you grow your business and connect with new and existing clients. It’s no secret that marketing is a key element of an agent’s thriving business, however, it often gets overlooked or deprioritized with everything else you have going on. Now, ahead of this year’s AEP, Spark agents can make sure that they’re launching top-notch marketing to generate as many new leads as possible, and stay in touch with their existing clients. You can use Marketing Center to publish content across all your channels (and can even post directly to social media or order prints without ever leaving the tool!). 

Not to mention that you can now create fully baked marketing campaigns for your downline agents, ensuring they can spend more time out in the field, while they have professional marketing ads running in the background. 

The templates you’ll find in Marketing Center represent the highest performing content across all Medicare marketing. You can create personalized swag, social media templates, one-sheets, postcards, and so much more, all of which is 100% CMS compliant and ready to go in minutes.  Read more details about the tool here

Interested in learning more? Current Spark agents can sign up for our May 11th webinar here. And if you’re not currently partnering with Spark but would like to see the tool in action, reach out here to set up time with our team. 

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Mariah Mcafee

Mariah Mcafee

Marketing @ Spark

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