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Agent Spotlight: Astrid Acero-Lopez

July 5, 2023

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Agent Spotlight: Astrid Acero-Lopez

“As a Medicare agent, I have a great responsibility to help a vulnerable population and I am the bridge between the health plan and beneficiaries”

A long time community advocate, Astrid Acero Lopez enjoys serving her Latino community. But she never anticipated that she would be a Medicare agent.

She and her husband, along with their four-year-old daughter and three-year-old son, migrated to the United States from Colombia in 1989 and opened a soccer store. They would bring the beautiful game to their new home! Astrid had to juggle acclimating to the U.S., improving her English, and taking care of her children. An avid learner, she didn’t let those challenges stand in her way!

She applied that tenacity in 2016, when she discovered a bilingual agent opportunity with My Insurance Solutions. She identified that there was a great need for her services in the Latino community, and it was in that year when a puzzle piece in her life finally fell into place and she made the decision to completely focus on Medicare.

After becoming an agent, she quickly noticed that her clients had a great deal of confidence in her. She would coach them through the process of learning Medicare, and particularly enjoyed:

  1. Empowering clients to select from a few plan options
  2. Providing clients with peace of mind

Most of all, she provides a great deal of relief and joy once her clients realize that she does not charge for her services.

Now, as an agency owner, there are lessons she shares with new agents so they are better equipped to be successful. One lesson is to be patient; their business will grow slowly, but in being organized and having the right systems in place, any agent can achieve their goals.

For Astrid, that’s where Spark has helped her excel. In providing her with a personal assistant, she said that Spark has taken a weight off because she can now delegate tasks like billing, claims, member ID issues, or provider searches when her clients need a new doctor. More importantly, since 80% of her clients are Spanish speaking, she has the confidence that Spark is able to take care of her clients like she always has.

In her free time, Astrid loves spending quality time with her family- especially her 3-year-old grandson. She’s an art lover and enjoys self-help activities including conferences and books. Her ultimate goal is to leave a legacy of learning and service and leading others so they can achieve their ambitions.

You can learn more about Astrid here.

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