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Welcoming Miguel Acero, Spark’s newest Sales Director
James Jiang
April 12, 2021
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We’re pleased to announce Miguel Acero as Spark’s newest Sales Director covering the state of Arizona. He comes highly recommended and respected as a domain expert and advocate of agents and Medicare beneficiaries alike. We can’t wait to see what he does in his new home.

A commitment to service

We’ve asked a lot of people how they got into Medicare. Rarely does someone plan on it when they’re growing up. Miguel’s path into Medicare was a meandering one, but the common thread was a commitment to supporting people and to helping them achieve the best versions of themselves. Whether it was teaching middle schoolers as a science teacher, working with patients as an orthodontic assistant, or more recently, helping independent Medicare agents position themselves in a rapidly digitizing and consolidating industry, Miguel’s passion and reputation has always centered around service.

In Medicare, he’s built a reputation as a leader whose respect for the field agent’s work is obvious to everyone around him. He jumps on every opportunity to make life easier for the agents he works with, and with his uncanny ability to remember every little personal detail of someone’s life, he never fails to turn any interaction into an opportunity to build an even deeper relationship. We’re in a people business, and it’s hard to find people who care as much as Miguel.

Bringing a new perspective

Representing a newer generation entering the industry, Miguel has brought fresh thinking while maintaining respect and empathy for those who’ve been there doing the work. It’s easy for a younger person to take cheap shots at the old ways of doing things, or look down on someone else’s fear or doubts when encountering change. Disruption is certainly coming, and Miguel, with how much he clearly cares about each individual agent’s business, represented a safe but exciting way forward for many who were confused or concerned about the status quo.

One of our favorite things we learned while getting to know him was not just his passion for technology and innovation, but how he brought that passion to life in a way others can relate to. Whether it’s his educational social media posts, quick-take LinkedIn videos, or all the other ideas to come (stay tuned…), it’s clear that, for him, serving others is not a task to get over with, but something he takes joy and delight in every day.

We’re excited for Miguel to share our vision for the industry and help agents take full advantage of Spark’s platform as we build a modern, people-first agency together. We know he’ll continue to be a trusted resource to agents in Arizona and beyond and continue delivering every increasing value to his loyal and growing following. Welcome aboard!

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