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Medicare Updates
2023 Medicare Enrollment Competitive Report
Sam Wiener
March 7, 2023
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We’re excited to publish our 2023 Medicare Enrollment Study! In this study, we use Spark’s Data Studio to analyze trends in Medicare Advantage. 

Read the Study

Here are the main takeaways, but we encourage you to read the full report:

  • Medicare Advantage (MA) grew by 1.8m members, up 7% YoY; growth has slowed slightly relative to 2021 and 2022, where annual growth averaged 9%*
  • Non-employer MA Prescription Drug plans (MAPDs) and Special Need Plans (SNPs) are the primary growth drivers (8% and 20% YoY respectively)
  • Certain specialized plans, such as Medicare-Medicaid plans, regional PPOs, and Private Fee-For-Service-Plans are declining rapidly, on the order of 20 - 30%; Pace, however, increased 6% YoY
  • Carrier market shares stayed relatively consistent, with no market share swings exceeding 4 percentage points in either direction (#1 is United Healthcare, #2 Humana, #3 Aetna / CVS)
  • Incumbents continue to dominate; Devoted, the fastest growing startup carrier, has just 0.5% total market share

In addition, we invite you to use our Data Studio to determine:

  • Which plans were most popular in your county
  • Which carriers you should represent when moving into a new state and/or county
  • Which markets have the highest D-SNP penetration
  • Which markets have the highest PDP penetration (and therefore likely Medicare Supplement-heavy markets)

We’d love to hear your questions. Please send us an email at support@sparkadvisors.com with your thoughts!

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