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When I met Spark, their humility and directness resonated with me.

This was exactly what we were looking for. It was late in the year, but my team and I started with a few contracts on their platform. We completed 1,700 policies in just 55 days, achieving significant results and recognition.

“We strongly advocate for the use of the Spark platform, encouraging both new and experienced agents to embrace it. It's an invaluable part of how we operate.”
Osley Herrera
Seniors Advantage Brokerage
Working with Spark since
Our agency operates on honesty and transparency.

I made a clear agreement with Spark: these things are non-negotiable. James, Byron, and the entire company have lived up to these values. As a result, we’ve seen great growth and success together.

Partnering with Spark represents a shared growth journey for us.

Initially, we were limited in our capabilities. Spark opened up new opportunities. We’ve been able to add hundreds of policies across various carriers.

Growth in contracted agents since partnering with Spark
It’s time to transform the way you do business