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Managing the entire member life cycle: introducing Keystone Advisors BPO Services

July 10, 2023

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Managing the entire member life cycle: introducing Keystone Advisors BPO Services

At Spark, we’ve always believed that agents create deep relationships with their members that can be the touching off point for managing the entire member lifecycle – from enrollments, to benefits onboarding, to ongoing advocacy and support. The agent is the member’s trusted advisor. That trust creates downstream engagement opportunities.

We’re excited today to announce a major step forward in becoming the best member growth and engagement partner to Medicare Advantage plans through a partnership with Keystone Advisors BPO services. With this partnership, we can now support members from plan enrollment to benefits onboarding, provider scheduling, HRAs, and more – raising the bar for how distribution can help manage the full member life cycle.

Introducing Keystone BPO Services

We grow by forming deep partnerships with agency partners that are leaders in their respective markets and who bring unique capabilities to the table. Keystone Advisors and founder & CEO Veronica Neal are central players to Medicare distribution in Houston. They are a leading agency in MA, ACA, and group health insurance with over 1,200 contracted agents across field and call center channels, and through Keystone Coalition they are active contributors to the local community with non profit organizations of AAMA, American Heart Association, State of the Rose, Toys for Tots, and the Houston Food Bank.

They are also an invaluable service provider for insurance companies and providers through Keystone BPO services. 

How it works

Keystone’s Chief Growth Officer Vince Lanni knows first-hand the importance of investing into member engagement and retention for any Medicare organization. 

Previously leading growth at innovative companies like Zing Health and Oak Street Health, he learned the best way to grow membership was by investing in retention. He built the retention team at Zing with a focus on benefits navigation, implementing a personal member concierge structure of engagement with newly onboarded membership. The most essential engagement opportunity with a new member is in the first 30 days. The initial sales process averages over an hour for a new prospect, and most prospects forget most of what they’ve been told, so having multiple member touch points to reiterate and, more importantly, show the member how to utilize their benefits is the difference between keeping or losing a member.

Building off those experiences and the experiences of scaling their own agency, Keystone Advisors BPO services provides high-touch, multi-channel member engagement campaigns designed to help plans and providers improve retention, increase member engagement, and manage the overall member experience - all at a total cost significantly lower than running the programs internally. 

The Keystone team are proven operators with operational experience, deep investments into technology and reporting [provide detail on compliance certifications], and over 200 seats in a 31,000 square foot facility in Houston. Over the past 9 years, Keystone BPO has provided the following services: 30 / 60 / 90 retention campaigns, new member welcome campaigns, appointment scheduling, member satisfaction campaigns, and more for over 20,000 members on behalf of leading carriers and providers. 

We’re excited by this opportunity to continue raising the bar on what we can offer to all our partners. If you’d like to learn more about Keystone Advisors BPO, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Vince Lanni: Chief Growth Officer at [  ] or and by phone at 346-206-0296.

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James Jiang

James Jiang

CEO @ Spark

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