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Jay Werner
Trusted Benefits Group, Llc.
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New Jersey
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Medicare Advantage, Part C, Plan G, PDP, Supplements, Coverage Gap, Med Supps, Part D, IRMMA, Prescription plans, Under 65 Insurance, and Group/Company Health Benefits - can all be quite confusing. 27 years of career experience and several years as a Medicare instructor at Lone Star College, has earned me the nickname, “Confusion Crusher”. I fully understand challenges you face as you begin your journey in the Medicare program and will take the time to learn your specific needs and match them with the coverage that is most suited for you. Allow me to be YOUR “Confusion Crusher” by educating, evaluating and enrolling you in a plan that provides for your prescriptions while protecting the relationship with your doctors and hospitals and focusing on the benefits that mean the most to you. In Medicare, one size does not fit all. Your needs are unique. You deserve to be aware of all the benefits you have coming and receive a customized approach to Medicare and insurance.
How my team helps you
Behind me is a whole team of retirement specialists dedicated to ensuring that all your needs are met. Have a question about a medical bill, finding the right specialist, or a new drug benefit? We can help!
We save you time
There’s a lot of administrative work in healthcare. Whether you need help finding an in-network provider or scheduling an appointment, let us handle it for you.
We understand what you need
As independent Medicare brokers, we're embedded within our communities, and are deeply knowledgeable about needs of our clients.
We help you make sense of your benefits
Whether you have a medical bill you're trying to make sense of, or want to know if a prescription is covered, you can always ask us.
We're a real person on the other line!
Give us a call at (855) 949-2097 or email help@sparkadvisors.com. Our friendly, helpful team will get you what you need.