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I grew up in a small rural community in the Finger Lakes area of NY. I have 2 brothers, 3 kids (for now) and 2 grandkids (for now). My wife Lauren and I have a small dog and love adventures. When we're not traveling we're active in crossfit (her more than me) and we love taking our Jeep out across the wild desert landscape in AZ. But we equally love loading it up with gear and heading to one of the many lakes around us and just enjoying ourselves. My life of service came at a young age delivering papers in my small town. At one point I had 3 paper routes! It was the only way a 12 year old kid could make decent money. I would get up super early to deliver the morning paper, go to school, then deliver the afternoon paper and on Wednesdays I'd deliver a weekly pennysaver. Wednesday was tough, especially in the wintertime! I eventually got into sports and high school activities so the paper routes went away and I ended up working as a busboy at a local restaurant. Fast forward and after a year at college I made my way back into the workforce and after a few years and jobs that were not carrier type positions I eventually I found myself laid off at Christmas time and no one hiring. Long story short, the only place hiring was an insurance company and I cringed at the thought of selling insurance. It had that slimy used car salesman feel about it and I wasn't that guy and never would be. But I also had a young family and mouths to feed, so I did what I had to do, until I could do what I wanted to do. It was on this journey I discovered a lot about myself. I discovered a passion for transferring knowledge and educating my clients, dispelling falsehoods and myth busting misconceptions about the industry. Falsehoods I had before I started. I found tremendous satisfaction in helping people. I'll never forget the call I received one day. It was a client I had enrolled in a family protection plan, one to protect his income for his wife and kids as he was the sole breadwinner. I included a child rider to protect his kids as well, he had 2 boys. He called me up to ask me if I needed to adjust his plan, so I asked him why would I need to do that? He explained because he just had one kid on the policy. My first thought was that one of the kids was aging out of coverage, but remembered his kids were young, when I had seen him (5 years earlier). He then told me the saddest story I've ever heard about a 12 year old boy dying of undiagnosed leukemia and how he had lost his son in a matter of days by the time they found out. I had to pull over, I was so overwhelmed by the story. It chokes me up writing this. But what hit me equally as hard was that the program I had set him up with, saved him and his family so much grief. That in the middle of the whirlwind of what he and his wife were dealing with they didn't have to deal with the cost of the funeral. Here this man lost his son just a few months earlier and he was thanking me. That hit me so hard and it fueled my desire to help others. While we still do life insurance, our primary focus is healthcare now. We specifically focus on helping our clients find the Medicare plan that works for their specific situation. The results are equally gratifying. When your sitting across from a client and you get done explaining their benefits and they break down in tears because they have no other family, no one to help them and they had no idea how they were going to be able to afford their medicine AND their food and how you're such a blessing (true story!). I can only assume God put me in this position for a reason. I pray he continues to bless me to be a blessing to others. Good, bad or indifferent, you'll always get my no BS answer to your questions and I will forever be your voice and pitbull when needed. We work for YOU, not the big insurance companies. Our goal isn't to just help people, it's to continue to work with them long term, like family. Our family of agents and clients are growing daily. If you're an agent and have the right moral compass and values, with a desire to help others, you'll fit right in. If you're a client and want someone to work with you and not talk at you, you've come to the right place, welcome to the family!
How my team helps you
Behind me is a whole team of retirement specialists dedicated to ensuring that all your needs are met. Have a question about a medical bill, finding the right specialist, or a new drug benefit? We can help!
We save you time
There’s a lot of administrative work in healthcare. Whether you need help finding an in-network provider or scheduling an appointment, let us handle it for you.
We understand what you need
As independent Medicare brokers, we're embedded within our communities, and are deeply knowledgeable about needs of our clients.
We help you make sense of your benefits
Whether you have a medical bill you're trying to make sense of, or want to know if a prescription is covered, you can always ask us.
We're a real person on the other line!
Give us a call at (855) 949-2097 or email help@sparkadvisors.com. Our friendly, helpful team will get you what you need.