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I've moved over 20 times throughout my life, but I've spent the majority of my life in the beautiful state of Utah. This is home for me.I’ve been in the Medicare and life insurance space for just over 6 years now. I specialize in both Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplements plans by finding the lowest-cost, highest-benefit plans for my clients.My favorite part of the job is helping to really understand why they're in the plan that I've recommended for them, and then be able to make an informed healthcare decision.I also enjoy helping my clients navigate other parts of the complicated Medicare system, such as finding savings for their medications and qualifying for subsidy programs.Outside of work I spend time with family and friends. I love listening to music and dancing. I enjoy hiking, skiing, surfing, and road trips.

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Behind Daniel is a whole team of retirement specialists dedicated to ensuring that all your needs are met. Have a question about a medical bill, finding the right specialist, or a new drug benefit? We can help!

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How my team helps you.

Save time

There’s a lot of administrative work in healthcare. We  take it on and help you find in-network physicians or answer key benefit questions.

Always independent

We aren’t associated with a single insurance company so we can always remain your independent advocate.

Alleviate the stress of medical bills

Medical bills are complex and often incorrect. Let us take on the hard work of figuring them out.

Human support

Healthcare is human so we are too, never talk to an automated bot. Just text or call us.

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