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Name: Chris Roth Title: Medical Insurance Consultant Introduction: Chris is an insurance consultant known for his empathy and helpfulness. With a passion for Brazilian Jiujitsu, he has made a significant impact in the insurance industry. Through his dedication, creativity, and expertise, Chris has inspired and influenced many people to join him in his visor to consistently provide the best possible service to those who trust us with their insurance needs. Background: Born in Reno, NV in 1971, I exhibited a curiosity for martial arts from a young age. This early fascination laid the foundation for my future endeavors. I teach Brazilian Jiujitsu, which provides me with valuable skills and insights. Career/Professional Achievements: Throughout their career, I have achieved remarkable milestones. Notable accomplishments include Top 1% in the nation for overall sales volume. Passions and Hobbies: Outside of my professional life, I am an avid Brazilian Jiujitsu enthusiast. I find inspiration and relaxation in Jijujitsu. This passion not only provides a balance to my work but also fuel my creativity and drive Legacy and Future Goals: As I continue to excel in my field, I remain committed to providing the best and highest quality service possible. My dedication and passion is sure to lead to even greater accomplishments in the years to come. Conclusion: In summary, I am a insurance professional who has left an indelible mark on medical insurance industry. My achievements, values, and passions have made me a respected and influential figure. As I continue to pursue my goals, I am poised to make even greater contributions to the my client needs when it comes to the medical insurance industry

How my team helps you.

Behind Christopher is a whole team of retirement specialists dedicated to ensuring that all your needs are met. Have a question about a medical bill, finding the right specialist, or a new drug benefit? We can help!

Save time

There’s a lot of administrative work in healthcare. We  take it on and help you find in-network physicians or answer key benefit questions.

Always independent

We aren’t associated with a single insurance company so we can always remain your independent advocate.

Alleviate the stress of medical bills

Medical bills are complex and often incorrect. Let us take on the hard work of figuring them out.

Human support

Healthcare is human so we are too, never talk to an automated bot. Just text or call us (855) 949-2097.

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